LFC is an independent brand founded in 2012. LFC is based in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the island of Cyprus.  Cyprus is the birthplace of the mythical goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. 

Our sole reason for existing is great design inspired by the island lifestyle in the Mediterranean. Our concept is to create products that will take you from the beach to the street with style. A significant part of the philosophy of the brand is supporting family businesses and experienced local producers. Hence, all our products are Made In Cyprus.

We aim to bring you the best quality, handcrafted with love from the Mediterranean island.

Owner & Designer

Anastasia Gerali was born and raised in South Africa, of Greek and Cypriot parents. Having studied Graphic Design and Photography at Kingston University in London, she has worked in advertising, and as a branding and packaging designer. Her love for making things with her hands eventually lead her to creating her own line, becoming the founder and owner of LOVE FROM CYPRUS.

Spending every summer of her childhood in Greece and Cyprus, Cyprus is now her home, where she finds inspiration in traditional craftsmanship and the authentic island lifestyle - from the beach to the old town streets. Through LFC, Anastasia wants to share a little bit of the Mediterranean lifestyle with other women who are travellers, dreamers and lovers.

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T / +357 99973393

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